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The proliferation of content marketing has given customers a plethora of reading choices in the past decade. Search engine ranking algorithms are also constantly changing, and with every alteration, writing for the web takes a new turn. Content marketing remains a powerful way to generate leads by creating more relevant and readable long-form content, but it is a delicate process that can be time-consuming. Enter Copymatic, an AI-powered automatic article generator that helps you craft the right words for different types of content quickly and easily.

Copymatic’s long-form article writer is a tool that assists content marketers, content creators, and bloggers to produce unique, and long articles (over 1,000 words) with little to no human involvement. The tool helps eliminate writer’s block and reduces writing and editing time.

This article dives into the platform’s features and benefits. We have also provided a walkthrough of the platform, including generating articles through the dashboard and API using our WordPress plugin.

Enter Copymatic’s AI-powered Long-form Article Writer: A Detailed Review

The automatic article writer is an artificial intelligence-powered tool developed to create high-quality and engaging content across different topics. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence to create unique articles based on a given topic or keyword. It is perfect for anyone who needs quick, accurate content for their website. It can also generate compelling content for marketing campaigns, social media posts, case studies, and more. According to a detailed case study by Umbraco, the generated content is grammatically correct and has a 6.5 factuality score (one of the best in the market).

The growing popularity of AI copywriters is only a testament to their usefulness to brands, copywriters, and SEO agencies. Here’s how Copymatic long-form article writer stands out from the rest and can be helpful for your content creation activities.

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Grammar and Plagiarism

The tool has a good command of the language with appropriate grammar and structure. When combined with grammar correction tools like Grammarly, it provides a near-perfect article. However, the downside is that it cannot implement an organization-specific writing tone and voice. The similarity index of articles written with Copymatic is less than 3%; therefore, it is safe to say the articles are unique and plagiarism free.

Quality and Flow

The biggest challenge of writing long-form articles is striking a balance between content idea and story flow. As you are well aware, content idea refers to the concept or picture that you are trying to paint. On the other hand, the connection holds your words together logically so the reader can follow along with your thoughts.

Even though this is the most tricky part of writing for humans, Copymatic’s technical grasp of story flow is excellent. It provides long-form articles with great connections and transition words, making it easier for readers to stay engaged.

User Experience

Copymatic’s tools provide an outstanding user experience with its intuitive user interface and fast copy generation. The intuitive interface means you can get started without prior AI or copywriting experience. The last thing you need is to be stuck for hours to learn how to use the software because the interface isn’t user-friendly. You could use that time to create more engaging articles.

The other great thing about Copymatic is its speed-to-publish. It will automatically write a complete article in seconds. Aside from our intuitive dashboard, we have gone a step further to add an API and WordPress plugin as additional channels to create content. This feature means that you can go from entering a keyword to publishing an article on your blog in a couple of minutes. We explore these channels further in the next section.

How to Automatically Generate Articles with Copymatic’s dashboard, API, and WordPress Plugin

There are different ways to produce long-form articles with Copymatic. The first method is through the dashboard, which can be accessed through the Copymatic website. The second channel is through an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to integrate the interface with your website. Finally, a WordPress plugin provides website owners with direct access to the tool’s features. We discuss how you can use these channels in this section.

Using Copymatic’s Dashboard

The dashboard is the default channel for generating articles. It can be accessed directly from the Copymatic web app. To write long-form articles, click on the “Blog Post Writer” button on the homepage.

Copymatic AI Dashboard

This step will lead you to our article generator page, where you can type in your focus keywords and the main points of your piece. Then, hit “Next”

AI Blog Article Generator

The Copymatic API and WordPress Plugin

Copymatic’s WordPress plugin is a game-changer in the content writing industry. It is the most efficient fully-automated WordPress plugin that creates blog posts using an AI article generator. The plugin allows you to publish articles from Copymatic without leaving your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, you’ll be able to import articles from your Copymatic dashboard to your WordPress website with just a few clicks.

To start, you need to access your API key from your Copymatic account tab.

Copymatic WordPress API Key

How does it work?

You will need to install Copymatic’s WordPress plugin. Once installed, you will enter your unique API key to access Copymatic’s services from your WordPress page. From there, you can generate articles in seconds using the AI article writer and then import them as blog posts on your website. Watch the video below to learn more.

Why should I use it?

If you are a blogger or a content publisher, you should use this plugin because creating quality content is time-consuming. This plugin will automate the content creation process and save you tons of time that you can spend on other important tasks like SEO, marketing, etc.


Writing long-form content is often highly challenging, and it takes a lot of time to produce. Having to do this regularly can be daunting. Copymatic’s automatic article generator can make this process a lot easier for you.

To generate long-form content, you will only need to provide the article’s title, key points and focus keywords. Copymatic will then work its magic and write the entire article for you in seconds. Copymatic uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to produce its content. The platform also has a WordPress plugin that allows you to post the generated articles directly on your website, making it easy to create well-written articles in record time! Try it out today ??

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