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Copymatic makes email marketing campaigns easier by generating the perfect email subject lines to boost your open rates, click rates, and conversions which guarantees more sales for your business.

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Create Subject Lines in 3 Simple Steps

How does it work?

  • Select the Subject Lines tool

    Copymatic offers over 50 AI-powered writing tools so make sure to choose the Email Subject Lines tool.

  • Fill in your email description

    Let the AI know the tone of voice and the type of email that you are planning to send.

  • Review the subject lines

    Choose a subject line that is catchy and intriguing from the generated results.

Email Subject Lines Generator

Describe your email to the AI

Automatically generate email subject lines that are designed to engage your audience with the help of artificial intelligence.

All you have to do is fill the tone of voice, the audience you are trying to target, a description of your product (or service) and describe the email that you are about to send. Copymatic works for any newsletter or transactional email. Just click on “Generate” and voilà!

Subject Lines Generated
In Seconds

Copymatic AI has been trained with over 8 million emails to learn what makes people click so you can be sure that it will write engaging email subject lines in no time using smart algorithms that understand your industry and audience.

Stop writing boring subject lines and start using AI-powered subject lines to send your emails out.

Generated Email Subject Lines

What kind of email subject lines could I generate?

Subject lines are the most important part of your email marketing strategy as it’s the first thing that people will see in their inbox. Copymatic helps you generate email subject lines that are more convincing and drive people to read your email. It uses machine learning to find the best words to use so you can stand out from the crowd.
No need to waste time searching through email templates for ideas, we help you get more email opens with clever subject lines that will convert into a sale.

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Powered by AI

The GPT-3 AI language model is nothing like you have seen before: natural, unique and creative.

Powerful settings

Adjust the creativity and the tone of voice to generate the perfect subject lines for your emails.

CTR Optimized

Trained with CTR in mind to write catchy subject lines that boosts your open rate.

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Generate all type of content for your business in seconds with our AI writing tools.


The generated subject lines will always be unique so you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

Content rewriter

Not only AI can write content but also rewrite any content in a unique and original way.


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