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Let me guess, you are juggling your way to find the best text rewriter and article spinner available online. You are probably a SEO expert, a newbie blogger or even a student who is looking to rewrite or spin texts to generate content that is 100% plagiarism-free. But since there are tons of article rewriter and spinning tools out there, you are finding it rough to select a good one.

You have crossed your fingers a couple of times and purchased one of the article rewriter and spinning tools online. You have always ended up with the same result – a content that either fails the plagiarism test or sounds robotic. Well, that is going to change today!

We must admit, being a writer is not as easy as most people think. Coming up with new words and ideas every single day or week might be a challenging process to many. Text rewriting or spinning is the solution, however, doing it manually is equally important.

AI-Powered Text Rewriter and Spinner

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What is the difference between text rewriting and spinning?

Text spinning involves using synonyms, spinning of words, and altering sentence formation to generate fresh pieces of content that are plagiarism-free. While it can be done manually, using an automated text spinning tool has proven to be an effective and time-saving way of executing this process.

On the other hand, there’s article rewriting, which refers to the process of generating fresh content from the already existing article. This is different from article spinning because it involves reading the already existing content, comprehending, researching, and making decisions to come up with a well-articulated draft. Text rewriting involves;

  • Adding a few sentences into the content
  • Adding other few unique contents that relate to the content’s theme
  • Use other words in articulating the concepts of other articles
  • Add detailed information that the original content missed.

Why should you use a text rewriter powered by AI

We all know that we need to write substantial content for our blog in order to rank higher. With AI-powered text rewriters, you can spin content to make it look like it was written by humans. This will help you save time, increase your SEO ranking and produce fresh content on autopilot.

Unique content – Article rewriting is more than just the use of synonyms and altering sentences. It’s all about adding new sentences, adding unique content and articulating concepts. Next time you run your content through plagiarism checkers, you will be amazed by the uniqueness of your content, hopefully!

Low cost of operation – How much do you have to pay a writer to get your content written for you? At the end of the day, using an article rewriter, an automated tool, will always be cheaper.

Time factor – Other than paying a writer a significant amount of money to write content for you, he or she also needs to spend a realistic amount of time to deliver that great content you desire. Depending on the volume of content you need, an article rewriter will take a few minutes or seconds to get the job done.

Powered by next-generation AI – Far is the time when text spinners could harm your SEO efforts, new generation AI-powered text rewriters are now able to create human-like and engaging content from your existing article.

How to use Copymatic to rewrite any text

At Copymatic, we have one of the best rewording tools that comes with a state-of-the-art AI paraphrasing feature that is based on NLP. With this feature, our AI rewording tool has obtained some form of human-level paraphrasing ability. In other words, it has mastered the skill of paraphrasing text while preserving the actual context, unlike other paraphrasers.

  • Log in, or create an account with Copymatic
  • Click on the dashboard button located at the top and select “Rewrite articles with AI” option on the list provided.
  • Insert the most appropriate title on the area provided.
  • Copy-paste the content or the URL of the article you want to be rewritten.
  • Click on “start rewriting”

Wrapping up

Should you use an article rewriting tool? Now that you’ve learned what it is, and its advantages and disadvantages?

Judging from the pros and cons highlighted above, we do believe that article rewriting tools can provide you with great content if powered by Artificial Intelligence. However, there are a couple of fixes that you will have to implement. For instance, every article generated by article rewriter tool has to be proofread by a manual inspection to fix all the irregularities for the sake of your audience.

AI-powered text rewriters are definitely a new step in text rewriting and spinning allowing you to generate quality and plagiarism-free content in seconds for your website, blog or essay. Give Copymatic AI a try by signing up down below ??

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