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Imagine an AI content writing tool that could complete your content with a few clicks on your mouse. Has writer’s block ever been a problem for you? When you just can’t seem to finish what you started? What if I told you there was a solution to all that?

Introducing Copymatic, a revolutionary AI writer that does exactly just that — a smart sentence generator. Stuck on a sentence? Have Copymatic write the rest of that sentence for you by using the AI text completer tool. The tool is extremely easy to use and can save you hours from writing all the content by yourself.

The AI text completer by Copymatic is an advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate complete sentences based on the information that you have given it. Interested now? Wait till you see how easy it is to use. Follow these 6 simple steps, and you’ll be a professional content writer in no time.

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Step 1: Sign up to Copymatic

Once you are signed up, you will have access to the dashboard and over 50 different AI writing tools for you to choose from. Copymatic allows you to create any type of content for your business including blog articles, landing pages, copywriting formulas, or ads such as Facebook or Google.

The tool able to complete your sentences is in the “Blog Post Writer” tool.

AI Writing Tools

Step 2: Describe the article that you would like AI to write about

Here, you need to fill in the prompts to explain to the AI the topic of your article. You are able to choose the creativity level of the AI when assisting you in writing your article. There are two options “High” and “Regular” which vary based on the needs of your article topic. For most articles, a regular level of creativity is sufficient and lets the AI complete your sentences in an accurate and smart way.

You will have to go through 4 more steps before accessing the text completer function in the blog post editor: Blog title, intro, outline, and finally an option to generate a paragraph for each subtitle of your outline. You will never start your article from a blank page ever again.

Writing Description

Step 3: Generate or write a title for your blog

As a content writer, one of the hardest tasks is choosing an appropriate article title that is both attention-grabbing and optimized for search. However, with Copymatic, the smart AI text completion tool will take care of it for you. You are given the option to write your own title or generate a list of optimized titles based on your article needs and keyword within seconds.

Article Titles Written By AI

Step 4: AI writes your introduction paragraph

Similar to the steps above, Copymatic AI allows you to generate introductions of approximately 250 words for your article.

Don’t like the generated introductions? You also have the possibility to write your own or generate new unique introductions.

Step 5: Generate your article outline

An outline is what gives us guidance and structure when composing an article. It’s what ensures the content is flowing nicely and the readers are able to follow along. A good outline could mean the difference between a confusing article and a powerful article that converts well. With Copymatic, the AI is able to generate the best writing outline for you based on all the previous information that it was given.

Generated blog outlines

Step 6: AI completes your outline with some content

The last step before accessing the editor is the option to generate the initial content of your article. Copymatic AI gives you the option to complete the subheadings of your outline with a unique and optimized text paragraph.

AI Completes With Text

Once in the editor, you will have the possibility to generate more paragraphs for your subheadings or use the AI text completer to write more content based on your current text.

Don’t feel like typing? Don’t worry, the smart AI sentence generator is able to produce almost any sentences that are relevant to your topic and keyword with a click of a button.

AI Text Completion Tool

You must be wondering what the difference is between the “Generate” and “Write more” buttons, two tools completely different that will save you hours of writing.

Generate: This tool will generate new paragraphs based on the subheading of the section. The generated paragraphs are completely unique and independent, they are solely based on the subheading.

Write more: This tool is what we would call the AI text completer, unlike the Generate tool, it will understand the current text of your section and naturally complete your sentences in a smart and natural way, just like a human content writer. See an example of a text completed by AI below:

Text Completed By AI


For those who have been stuck with writer’s block for a long time, AI sentence completion is a game-changer for content writers. It is easy to use and produces phenomenal outputs that are on par with professional writers.

Even though AI still has a lot to progress and it still requires about 20% of editing by a human, it can potentially save you a lot of time and money with the click of a button.

The future of content writing is here, are you onboard?

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