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How to use AI to write blog posts

The time it takes content marketers to write a blog post appears to increase every year. According to an Orbit survey, in 2019, the average blog post takes three hours and 57 minutes to write before considering image creation, formatting, and SEO. The exponential growth in competition makes it more challenging for marketing teams to research and generate unique quality content capable of driving traffic to their site.

In the sixth edition of the Salesforce State of Marketing report, they found that over 80% of digital marketing teams invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to cut research time and costs. Using AI to write blog posts is starting to become a significant part of any marketing strategy.

A brief history of AI in content generation

If you tried some of the early iterations of content generation AI (known as natural language generation), it’s fair to say that it couldn’t read well, and the text was easily identifiable as being computer-generated. It stuck to a formula and still required rewriting, which didn’t solve a problem for content marketers.

However, new models such as Copymatic can now handle tasks on par with human writers. You don’t need to input strict parameters to create quality, unique content and have your blog post ready in minutes rather than hours.

This post will show you how Copymatic can produce high-quality content in minutes, allowing marketing teams to spend their time on high-level strategy rather than laborious and repetitive writing tasks.

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After signing up to Copymatic, users are presented with a series of options for the type of content they want to create.

After selecting the AI Article Writer, you can add the relevant language with several being supported, a creativity level, and an overview of what you want the AI content generator to write. The creativity level controls the randomness and imagination of the AI, which users can increase if results appear too repetitive.

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The next option allows you to ask the AI to generate blog titles or write your own if you have already completed the relevant keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO). In this example, the Copymatic AI will generate titles for the blog post. A list of possible titles will appear when you select the generate option, allowing you to choose which is best suited to the post.

Step 2 - Blog Post Titles

Once a title is selected, users can decide whether to generate a blog introduction using AI or write their own. Again, by generating the content, a series of intros appear to help you find the right context for the post.

The next step is to create an outline for the post. As with the title and introduction, you have the choice to generate outlines or write your own. The outline provides the sub-headings that will become part of the blog post with several suggestions. Copymatic AI gives various contexts for each suggestion so you can decide which will resonate best with your target audience. For example, we get one that offers an outline including social media and another that suggests a section on tips for writing a blog post.

For each subtitle within the outline, AI can write a single paragraph for the option that you pick, and users have further formatting and writing opportunities to complete the blog post.

Write for me

The “Write for me” button auto-completes any text.

Generate paragraphs

The “Generate paragraphs” button adds more paragraphs to the article before moving to the completion of the blog post. You can choose additional subheadings and ask the AI to write more sections for the blog post.


Users can use the bold, italic, underline, and paragraph formatting options to change the look and feel of the AI content.


Users can download the HTML or copy the content of the article.

Example content

Below is an example of the content we created using Copymatic in only 4 or 5 minutes. Writing something similar could take human hours of their time.

Finding the time to write blog posts has become a challenge for many marketers. An AI-Powered Content Writing tool can help solve this problem by allowing you to spend your time on other aspects of content marketing, like social media or more advanced topics. Check out how AI can be used to create unique blog posts that are optimized for SEO!  You can also use artificial intelligence in your email marketing.  By using AI to draw customer profiles from existing customers, you can target emails specifically.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a resource that’s amazingly powerful, inexpensive, and available. If you want to increase your sales revenues and profitability, you will need to consider this technology as part of your marketing plan. The aim of AI-driven content writing is to automate the entire process of content creation – performing actions based on certain criteria in your database without human intervention.  The main attraction for companies is that it automates tasks, increasing efficiency and allowing businesses to focus on other aspects of marketing. Successful AI-driven content writing attempts to replicate human interaction by providing more relevant content to users, which ultimately leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

What are the benefits of using AI for content writing?

This is a powerful, inexpensive, and available resource. If you want to seriously increase your sales and profitability, you will need to consider this technology as part of your overall marketing plan. The goal of AI content writing is to automate the entire content creation process – make actions based on certain criteria in your database without human interaction.  It’s important to consider that your content writing machine will not be able to outperform a real person. The goal is to get the most value out of the system for the least amount of time and effort. The best way to use an AI content writing solution is to give it a specific set of criteria that it will use to create the content.  Then, set a schedule for when it should run and let it do its thing.

Who can use AI to write blog posts?

AI is a powerful, inexpensive, and accessible technology. If you want to seriously increase your sales and profitability, you’ll need to consider AI as a part of your overall marketing plan. The goal of AI-powered content writing is to fully automate the creation of blog posts – performing actions based on certain criteria in your database without human intervention.  One of the best examples is a website that provides information about cakes and baking. Their posts usually have a title with a number in it, like ” The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe”. The human author simply has to come up with a title, write several sentences about the recipe, and then click “publish”. This is a pretty simple method of automation. A more advanced solution would be to use AI-driven product recommendations for users who visit your website.

How does AI compare with humans in content writing?

In a nutshell, AI is a powerful, cheap and widely accessible resource. If you want to seriously increase your revenue and profitability, you’ll have to invest in this technology as part of your global marketing strategy. AI-driven content production aims at automating the process of creating content – performing actions based on certain criteria in your database without human intervention.  You want to create targeted content that will be relevant to your audience. You can do that by using AI to aggregate data, analyze it and create content.

How do I start using ai in my blog posts?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to automate the writing process. Using this technology you can create engaging content without any human intervention. It is an immensely powerful, cheap and available resource. If you want to significantly increase your sales and profitability, AI should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. The goal of content writing through artificial intelligence is to completely automate the process of creating content with no human intervention – performing certain actions based on certain criteria from your database without human input.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to be a powerful, cheap, and available resource. If you are looking to seriously increase your sales and profitability, you will need to consider this technology as part of your overall marketing plan. The goal of content writing by AI is to automate content creation- performing certain actions based on data in your database without human intervention.

The content generated by Copymatic is SEO-optimized, human-quality, and free of plagiarism. The extract above was created in four minutes, but you can add more content in seconds using the “Write For Me” or “Generate paragraph” options. The how-to guides for Copymatic are extensive, offering videos that explain how to use the platform, creating unique content, and choosing your plans.

The benefits of using AI to write blog posts

We’ve already mentioned some of the ways that AI creates an advantage for marketing teams. These are summarised below.

  • AI will always produce unique content without the risk of plagiarism.
  • Posts are written in minutes rather than hours.
  • Easier to keep up with the competition by creating SEO content at speed.
  • Aiming content at your target audience as the AI understands what people are looking for and what competitors offer.
  • AI creates content that is most likely to generate an ROI.
  • It offers different perspectives than a human writer might provide.

It is critical to remember that AI is designed to extend human work rather than replacing it. Copymatic AI saves teams time and money so they can focus at a more strategic level instead of spending time on research, writing, and other repetitive tasks.


Copymatic offers ten free credits to first-time users so that you can try out the platform today. Sign-up using your email address or Google account and automatically generate blog posts, website copy, digital ads, titles, intros, ideas, or outlines. AI is the future of content creation, and marketing teams that fail to take advantage of the technology could quickly see themselves falling behind the competition. By 2027, the AI market is expected to reach $267 billion as consumers need for personalization becomes greater and content marketers adapt to changing behaviors.

Try Copymatic today to see how AI can accelerate your business content and boost your traffic.

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