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The practice of rewriting content has been around for many years. It is a handy technique for churning out numerous versions of a piece of content and an essential part of most content strategies.

Article spinning is a rewriting technique that has been around for years. There are many approaches to it, but they all have one thing in common. They all use software to replace words or phrases with synonyms. It is often done randomly, and the result is usually a piece that reads poorly and makes little sense.

However, AI article rewriters employ advanced machine learning models to rewrite text with entirely new vocabulary and structure while optimizing for readability, uniqueness, and maintaining the overall meaning of the old text. Unlike content spinners that only produce weak synonyms or basic sentence revisions, AI article rewriters can completely alter sentences while maintaining their meaning.

This article will discuss the Copymatic rewriter tool powered by Artificial Intelligence- the best tool to rewrite articles in seconds without any plagiarism issues.

Why you should not use article spinners in 2023

Search engines are getting better at identifying spun content and penalizing websites that use it. In some cases, websites can even be removed from search results entirely if they are caught employing this tactic.

This is why writers and SEOs experts turn to AI rewriters to get their job done instead of using traditional methods like spinning. Artificial intelligence rewriters don’t suffer from any drawbacks that most article spinners have. They don’t just randomly replace words; they analyze the content and how it was written and make changes accordingly. The result is a much more natural-sounding piece.

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Avoid plagiarism with article rewriters

It’s always important to do a quick plagiarism check before publishing any article online, a reasonable plagiarism rate would be less than 10%. Having a higher rate can negatively affect your rankings and SEO efforts. One of the common use cases of article rewriters is to rewrite the parts of the content considered as plagiarism.

In cases where you have written an article but need to share it across several channels, you can copy snippets of your article to our tool. Our AI will work its magic to generate content similar in meaning but uniquely written. In other scenarios, you may have a well-thought-out piece of content, but the words do not connect as well as you would have wanted. Copymatic Article Rewriter will take in what you have currently to generate a range of similar free-flowing content.

Better quality content for better rankings

Good writing is just one factor that positions an article at the top of search engine result page (SERP) rankings. SEO and keyword-focused writing are some other factors that can make a difference to your blogging and inbound lead building activities. And it’s not just about placing keywords at appropriate places; it’s also about writing relevant content with the right keyword without compromising the message. These are ideal use-case scenarios where you can rely on an AI-powered article rewriter to deliver outstanding results efficiently.

Enter Copymatic, the most advanced tool to rewrite articles

Copymatic can assist you with your article rewriting needs and improve your content writing efforts on a whole new level. With one simple click, you can turn any article into a completely new one, thereby saving you the time it takes to write entirely new content from scratch. You can also enter a URL to an article, and Copymatic will provide a new plagiarism-free article with the same meaning. Our rewriting tool works this way:

  • Select your language of choice (over 25 languages available)
  • Enter your article title
  • Enter the content or a web link to an existing article that you want to be rewritten
  • Click on “Start Rewriting” to get your fresh article!
  • Your new unique content is ready for publishing on your website or blog.

Article Rewriter Tool

Our platform also features additional tools, such as the paragraph rewriter for rewriting only a single paragraph and the Rewrite with a Keyword Tool to generate a given text with specific keywords.

Copymatic produces by far the most original and human-like content to help you get rid of plagiarism. It also enables you to improve your SEO performance faster than before with the Rewrite with Keyword feature.

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Final Thoughts

Content writing is a critical aspect of online businesses, and it’s necessary to have unique content to boost your business. When you have to do a lot of rewording, the best solution is to use an article rewriter. AI-based article rewriters have their perks, including generating unique copies of articles and rewriting existing content with specific keywords to optimize for SEO.

Copymatic AI is the best tool to rewrite articles, it is easy to use and helps you create unique blog articles in minutes at a low cost. Highly recommended for content writers, agencies, and businesses in general because of its feature-packed platform designed to meet all your writing needs. Start your free trial today ??

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