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For those in the digital marketing space, you know how valuable blog articles can be for your marketing strategy. Not only does blogging help drive traffic to your website and convert them into leads, but it also acts as a tool for SEO optimization, product/service promotion, brand awareness, and client education, among other things.

More traffic, leads, and industry authority via SEO-optimized blog content build trust with your audience, ultimately leading to a greater ROI and a boost to your bottom line. As you can imagine, having AI that writes articles can be an extremely beneficial tool for many businesses. We’ll get into that shortly…

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Blogging, however, can become quite timely and tedious, especially when using it as a tool to rank in search engines. Because today’s search engines are so robust, and the internet has become saturated with content, it can take hundreds of blogs before even having the potential to rank in search engines.

Moreover, whether you’re trying to rank in search engines or not, writing content in general, whether for business or personal use, can be tiresome; we’ve all heard of “writer’s block” before…

That’s where artificial intelligence, or AI, comes into play!

Using an autoregressive language modality, most commonly the Generative PreTrained Transformer 3, or GPT-3 for short, AI technology has the ability to write human-like content in the fraction of time it takes to write manually.

Though its predecessors in that of GPT-2 and prior acted as an innovative trampoline, GPT-3, created in May 2020, broke ground in the way that deep learning is used and how accurate its algorithmic predictions are with respect to written content. It is with no doubt the most advanced AI language model ever created.

By using an AI-powered tool to write blogs in a captivating, 100% original, and plagiarism-free way, you can quickly and consistently scale content without the loss of time and money invested, and more importantly, without the loss of quality.

In what follows, we’ll discuss the value of AI for article writing, why anybody should consider using AI for their business, the pros and cons, and the future outlook of AI. In addition, we’ll also be sharing a step-by-step guide on how to use Copymatic AI for your blog! Let’s jump right into it.

Why You Should Use AI for Blogging

Using AI for blog writing, among other skills, can be highly beneficial for many reasons.

Not only does it save you time and money, both in the short-term and long-term, but it also allows you to focus your time on more important tasks that will impact the success of your business.

As you likely know, content is king. You can understand, then, that using AI to generate content for you around the clock, 24/7, in unlimited amounts to boost traffic and improve SEO, is an incredible tool to have at your fingertips.

Moreover, because it generates 100% original content, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism (though it may be worth to double check before posting). So, why not automatize your content?!

While the technology itself still has some developing to do, it’s only getting better year-over-year, already having capabilities to produce some pretty incredible feats. In today’s AI ecosystem, although it can produce an entire article(s), the technology still requires about 20% of the human touch when it comes to editing, keyword research, and optimization.

Soon enough, however, blog writing will be autonomous, so why not hop on the train early to become familiar with all of its incredible benefits?

How to use AI for Your Blog

Using our ‘Blog Post Writer’ tool to curate an entire blog from start to finish, or separating the process into sections (i.e. Outline, Title, Intro, Paragraphs) allows you to generate exactly what you need.

When using AI to write articles for your blog, however, there are a few parameters to implement to ensure accurate, high-quality generation. The primary role of the human function when generating AI-based blog content is ensuring that you provide the AI generator with enough information so that it can provide YOU with exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, because AI generates error-free and grammar-free content, there’s no need for Grammarly to edit or revise. With that said, AI might be smart, but it can’t read your mind!

So, be sure to brainstorm before mindlessly plugging information into an AI tool. Through proper keyword research and deciding exactly what you’re looking to receive from the AI content generator, the end result is a killer marketing strategy.

Find an AI software that’s reliable, effective, and has proof-of-concept, and you’re off to the races!

How to write articles with Copymatic AI

While Copymatic AI has several helpful and unique writing tools, its blog post writer function is completely proprietary, making it stand apart from its competitors.

Whether you need assistance writing an entire blog from scratch, paragraphs based on pre-determined subheadings, an intro or outline, or even just unique blog titles that align with your SEO goals, Copymatic AI can generate all that for you in seconds.

What follows will be a step-by-step guide on how to use the blog post writer tool so that you can begin to write 100% original articles in a fraction of the time!

Step 1: Choose the ‘Blog Post Writer’ Tool!

Articles AI Tools

By choosing the ‘Blog Post Writer’ tool, you’re opting to use Copymatic AI to produce an entire article from scratch based on the blog description that you provide. With this proprietary feature, you generate high-quality articles in a fraction of the time it would take you to manually write them.

Step 2: Provide the Article Details

Article Description

Here, you simply choose a language, provide a short explanation of what you want to write about, and include an optional keyword for better accuracy. Based on what you provide, Copymatic AI does the grunt work in providing you with a great article.

Step 3: Article Title

Article Title

Based on the information that you provided in step 2, Copymatic AI will generate several title options for you to choose from. If you already have a predetermined title, you have the option to write your own instead.

Step 4: Generate an Introduction

Article Introduction

Similar to step 3, Copymatic AI will also generate several introductions. Again, you can also write your own if you so choose.

Step 5: Generate an Outline for your Article

Article Outline

Next, it’s time to generate an outline for your article. Based on the topic provided, Copymatic AI will generate several outlines for you to choose from. Each option will consist of several subheadings, ranging from 3 subheadings to 6-7+ subheadings.

Step 6: Generate Paragraphs for Each Subheading

Article Paragraphs

Finally, it’s time to start writing your article. Here, you have the option to generate a paragraph for each subheading of your article outline. This is a very good option to not start writing from a blank page, you will save tremendous time by choosing this option. While Copymatic AI only generates one paragraph per subheading, you’re given the option to generate additional content in the article editor (see the following screenshot).

Article Content Generator

Step 7: Export your article

Export Article

Once you’ve generated the entirety of the article and you’re satisfied with the finished content, all that’s left to do now is save, copy, and/or export your content for use! It’s really that easy! It took me about 3 minutes to come up with an article of 1,000 words.

Pros and Cons of using AI for Blog Writing

While the evolution of AI technologies has been rapid in recent years, it’s still not entirely caught up with respect to its capabilities and reliability. With that said, below is a list of pros and cons when it comes to using AI technology for blog writing:


  • Saves Time and Money
  • Helps with Idea Creation and Writer’s Block
  • Improves Scalability
  • Generates Unlimited Content 24/7
  • Produces High-Quality Content
  • 100% Original
  • Plagiarism-Free


  • Not suited to write about current events (AI’s knowledge stops in late 2019)
  • Some topics are not allowed (medical, legal, sexual)
  • Might be difficult reproducing your writing style

While AI technology certainly has its limitations, the future is bright and promising. Additionally, there’s no doubt that the pros far outweigh the cons.


While AI doesn’t yet have the capabilities to fully replace human writers, the technology is quickly developing and becoming smarter. So, in the coming years, don’t be surprised if it does!

If you’re interested in learning more about AI technology and how you can use it to write your blog content, check out Copymatic AI. Starting at just $29/month and offering unlimited content starting at just $49/month, there’s no reason not to give Copymatic AI a try!

Even better, we offer a free trial with ten free credits so that you can try out our tools with no strings attached. With no cancellation fees or lock-in periods, you can comfortably test the AI capabilities and see its true powers in blog writing and more.

So, are you ready to take your content writing and scale your blog to the next level? See for yourself the incredible capabilities of AI technology by signing up.

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