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  • 1,000 credits
  • Access to all of our tools
  • Multilingual support in 20+ languages
  • 24/7 email support
  • API Access
  • Website generator (coming soon)
  • Unlimited credits
  • Access to all of our tools
  • Multilingual support in 20+ languages
  • 24/7 email support
  • API Access
  • Website generator (coming soon)

1,000 monthly credits is equal to about

  • 100 Blog Articles

  • 100k Generated Words

  • 8k Facebook Ads

  • 7k Rewritten Sentences

  • 3k Prod. Descriptions

  • 10k Blog Titles

  • 10k Value Propositions

  • 8k Website Headlines

Unlimited usage of all tools

  • Unlimited Blog Articles

  • Unlimited Generated Words

  • Unlimited Facebook Ads

  • Unlimited Rewritten Sentences

  • Unlimited Prod. Descriptions

  • Unlimited Blog Titles

  • Unlimited Value Propositions

  • Unlimited Website Headlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a long blog article (i.e. 1,000 words) with Copymatic?

Absolutely! The new version of our Blog Post writer lets you generate long articles.
You can also use any of our blog post tools to generate the blog elements you need: titles, intros, outlines or paragraphs.

What are the credits? How are they calculated?

Credits (or runs) are what it "costs" you to run content creations. Some tools cost more credits to run than others based on the length of the generated content. Here is the list of the credit price:

1 credit: Social media ads (Facebook and Google), Youtube Titles, Website Headlines, Website Subheadings, Value Proposition, Feature To Benefit, Blog Ideas, Blog Titles, Blog Intros, eCommerce Product Names, Startup Names, Sentence Rewriter, Grammar Rewriter, Write For Me (from Blog Writer);
2 credits: Product Descriptions, Meta Descriptions, eCommerce Product Descriptions;
3 credits: Youtube Descriptions, Blog Intros, Subheading To Paragraph;

Please note that the pricing of the tools can change overtime so always make sure to check the current credit cost indicated by the icon "" before using each tool.

Is the generated content unique and plagiarism-free every time?

Yes. Our AI is nothing like you've tried before, it will almost always generate unique and plagiarism-free content. Copymatic AI does not search the internet nor use content scrapped from the internet, it thinks and acts like a human content writer. Remember that you can alwasy adjust the Creativity option in case you notice that the AI is repeating itself.

Why is my content getting cut off sometimes?

Copymatic has an internal limit of output words per tool, usually if you increase the creativity, the AI could get too imaginative and reach the character limit. Try adjusting your description or the creativity option to avoid cut off results.

Which plan should I choose?

The main difference between the Starter and Pro plan is the number of credits. Choose the plan which is the most suitable for you based on your usage.

What happens if I exceed my credits with the Starter plan?

We don't offer top-up credits at the moment so if you reach your credit limit with the Starter plan, please consider upgrading to our Pro plan which has unlimited credits.

How can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your membership at any time and keep access to our tools until the end of your plan.
Click on: My Account > Billing & Invoices > Cancel my plan

What's new on Copymatic
🎉 Article Rewriter Released
October 20, 2021
🎉 Article Rewriter Released

New tool alert 🚨 Sophia is back! And this time is to announce the release of our AI-powered article rewriter.

Watch the video to find out how it works and give it a try by clicking the link below 👇🏼

🚨 New tools alert
October 15, 2021
🚨 New tools alert

Good news! We have just released 2 new tools:

  • Rewrite with keyword: SEO experts are going to love this one, rewrite any content to make it fresh and include your targeted keyword.

  • About us page content: Generate content about your company.

Give them a try!

🎉 New Email tools released
October 6, 2021
🎉 New Email tools released

Good news! We have released 5 new email tools:

  • Welcome Email

  • Confirmation Email

  • Cancellation Email

  • Follow-up Email

  • Email Subject Line

You will never have to write an email again! Give them a try!

🎉 New Video Script tools released
October 5, 2021
🎉 New Video Script tools released

Many of you asked for video script tools, today we are releasing the first version of 3 new tools:

  • Video Script Introduction

  • Video Script Outline

  • Video Script Section

Feel free to contact us if you need any custom tool and we would be happy to work on it.

Upcoming soon at Copymatic, more SEO tools, article rewriter tool and email tools.

⬆️ The limit of the Sentence Rewriter has been increased
October 5, 2021

Good news! We have been able to double the limit of our Sentence Rewriter tool from 200 to 400 characters.

We are working on releasing a tool to rewrite full articles, which should be released this week.