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How and Why to Use an AI Paragraph Generator for Content Creation

In order to build an audience, rank higher on search engines, and land more sales – you need a robust ecosystem of well-written content.

The proof?

70% of users report they’d rather get information from blogs than traditional advertisements. Moreover, 70% of users bought from a brand after watching one of their YouTube videos.

Lastly, 82% of marketers actively invest in content marketing strategies, so you’ll risk getting left behind if you don’t compete.

It’s clear that regularly creating high-quality content is a must for any company or website operating in 2022, but what happens when you get writer’s block?

Or what do you do if you lack the budget to hire professional copywriters and bloggers to churn out regular content for you?

Enter the world of the AI writer.

Thousands of companies are now turning to artificial intelligence to generate content ideas, product descriptions, and even long-form articles containing original content.

AI text generators are now robust enough that their writing is indecipherable from that of a human – with plenty of options for customizing the writers’ tone, style, and voice.

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If you’re curious about using an AI paragraph generator, you’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned to discover what an AI content generator can do for your business.

Also, please don’t wait to check out our free trial from Copymatic so you can try out our intuitive AI writing software.

What is an AI Paragraph Generator, and How Does it Work?

An AI paragraph generator or text generator is a type of artificial intelligence that acts as a makeshift content writer.

The algorithm can construct a generated text that’s entirely original for any given topic a user requests. These AI writing tools have become so advanced that it seems like magic at first.

All you do is type in some general information about a topic or a heading for a listicle – and voila, you’ll have a brand-new piece of content to post on your website.

How does the AI know what to write?

The science behind the magic primarily involves three sources – big structured data, natural language processing, and a complex machine learning language model called GPT-3.

Big structured data and AI copywriting

For an AI writer to master the arts of content writing and marketing copy, it needs to see lots of examples of excellent writing.

That’s where structured data comes into play.

The algorithm gets exposed to a massive database of existing content online, including:

  • Landing pages

  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • Infographics

  • Video transcripts

When crawling this content, the AI can recognize specific patterns and trends in writing, effectively teaching itself how to write like a human.

The algorithm doesn’t just copy the patterns it sees, either. Instead, the program can make suggestions on improving existing text as it learns more about writing.

For this reason, many AI writing programs have become a favorite of copywriters as they help them get rid of writer’s block (more on this in a bit).

Natural language processing (NLP)

An AI writer wouldn’t be much good if it couldn’t understand human language. Traditionally, AIs and computers could only understand low-level machine language (think binary code).

Even languages like JavaScript have to get translated into machine language for a computer to understand its instructions.

Natural language processing is a form of AI that enables the program to comprehend human language. This technology is present in many AI assistant programs, like Siri and Alexa. AI paragraph generators also make use of NLP to understand the text and create unique content.

The GPT-3 language model

Structured data is only one way that AI paragraph generators learn how to write, as analyzing data can only do so much.

To truly write original generated content that reads as if a human wrote it – the programs need to incorporate deep machine learning.

Considerable advancement in this regard was the creation of the GPT-3 language model. It stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, and it’s a language model from OpenAI.

It’s a highly complex model that contains 175 billion machine learning parameters, allowing AI writers to use deep learning to create human-like texts.

The language model is available through OpenAIs API.

What Types of Content Can an AI Writing Assistant Create?

Now that you know how AI text generators work, what type of content can you create with one?

A few years ago, many AI programs were limited in what they could do. Most AI-generated content was reserved for short product descriptions and social media posts.

As of 2022, an AI writer can create just about any form of content you can think of – including long-form content such as a 2,000-word educational blog.

Essentially, AI can now write any type of content that a human would, including video scripts.

What about plagiarism?

Most AI writing tools are specifically programmed to avoid plagiarism. That’s certainly the case with Copymatic, as we currently have the lowest plagiarism rate out of any AI paragraph generator at a mere 2%.

Ordinarily, a plagiarism rate of 5% is considered acceptable, so you can rest assured that all Copymatic generated text is original.

Here are some examples of the type of content you can create with an AI writer by your side.

E-commerce Product Descriptions and CTAs

If you run an online store, you know that your business depends on the quality of your product descriptions and calls to action.

Yet, running an online store is demanding, and you likely don’t have time to write your own content.

Add to that the expense of hiring freelance writers, not to mention the time you have to spend hiring and vetting them.

With an AI text generator, all you need to do is input some general information about your products, and the AI will handle the rest. AI writers can create SEO-friendly product descriptions that will highlight the main selling points of your product.

They can also write detailed and convincing CTAs that will entice users to take the next step, either by purchasing a product or adding one to their cart.

Most AI writing programs will have templates for you to use for product descriptions as well. Once you select one that works for your product, you’ll be able to customize the tone, style, and voice, so it’s original to you.

Facebook Ads

36.8% of the world’s population uses Facebook on a daily basis, which is why the platform is a behemoth for advertising.

That’s a big reason why Facebook accounts for a quarter of all digital ad spending.

Yet, in order to leverage Facebook Ads, you need talented writers that can speak to your target audience.

If you don’t have writers on your team, AI can fill in the gaps. In fact, AI writers can adjust their writing style to be more appealing to a specific audience.

As long as you let the program know about your niche and the people that consume your product, the algorithm will adjust accordingly. That means you’ll be able to create Facebook Ads that are perfectly optimized for your audience.

Long-Form Content

Our AI paragraph generator at Copymatic is capable of writing long-form blogs on any given topic.

That’s great news for your SEO, as long-form content gets an average of 77.2% more clicks than shorter articles.

So in order to stay competitive in the current market, you’ll need a steady release schedule for longer blogs that dive deep into your target audience’s pain points, interests, and desires.

A considerable benefit you’ll enjoy in this regard is efficiency. If you hire a writer to tackle a long-form blog for you, it will take them an average of 4 hours to get you a draft. That’s not to mention the additional time you have to spend editing, revising, and publishing it.

With an AI text generator, you can cut that time down to 5 minutes or less.

By the time it takes a human writer to complete one blog, you could have created over 40 in the same period.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages are your bread and butter when it comes to sales and conversions. Without a landing page, you won’t have a way to guide your visitors toward your ultimate goal, which could be landing a sale or a newsletter sign-up.

Either way, the copy on your landing page has to be stellar. It needs to be concise, convincing, and appealing to your niche audience.

AI text generators are now robust enough to create optimized landing pages that are designed to convert.

Use it as a writing assistant

Even if your team has writers, they can still benefit from using an AI paragraph generator.

How’s that?

You can by using the program as a virtual writing assistant. An AI writer can not only check text for spelling, grammar, and style errors – but it can also generate topic ideas to help with writer’s block.

For example, if you want a writer to tackle a blog for your LinkedIn page, they could consult with the AI writing tool to come up with topic ideas and headlines. AI writers can also suggest different ways of phrasing sentences, making the text easier to read.

Final Takeaways: AI Paragraph Generator

By now, you should better understand how AI text generators work and the type of content you can create with them.

AI writers have come a long way in the last few years, and their writing is now on par with that of humans.

You can use an AI paragraph generator to create landing pages, product descriptions, video scripts, long-form blogs, and more.

If you’re ready to start leveraging the power of AI, don’t wait to try out our free trial at Copymatic. Our AI text generator is the most advanced on the market, and we boast the lowest plagiarism levels out of any other tool on the market, so don’t wait to try Copymatic today.

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